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A GPS device enables tracking of persons, vehicles, animals or any other asset using Global Positioning System (GPS). The device relays real time location data that helps to keep track of the person, vehicle, animal or other valuable resource by viewing the route and distance travelled on a screen. The GPS tracking device could be a specially developed GPS unit or even GPS enabled mobile, radio, GPS-embedded computer including Laptop or even a satellite modem unit.

GPS tracking is of multiple types. In real-time GPS tracking the object can be tracked real time using the internet and information is relayed continuously regarding the route followed by the object. However, for this a monthly or annual subscription fee might be charged by the internet service provider, but on the flip side it eliminates the need to physically check the GPS tracker located in the object.

What is GPS Tracking?
GPS tracking technology enables the business and inviduals to track and trace the assets online through use to map.